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In this section we have collected the answers to the commonly occurring questions asked by the beginning traders. If your question is beyond the scope of below mentioned issues, please contact the specialists of the company. You can find all the available contacts in the relevant section of the website.

What is binary options?

How does one open an account and start trading?

What is the working schedule of the Company?

I have lost the access to Client’s profile. What should I do?

What are the option contracts of “High-Low” class?

At what price the option contracts are opened and closed?

What time is displayed in the trading platform?

What payment will I receive for contract execution?

The price at the moment of closing of the contract is turned out to be the same as for the moment of its opening. Will I get the payment?

The example of profit or loss calculation for option contract of “High-Low” class.

What is indicated in the tab “Volume” in the trading platform?

What time is indicated in the time clock of countdown in the tab “Order management” of trading platform?

What time frame is displayed in quotes chart in the trading platform?

At the moment of the button pressing (“Call” or “Put”) I saw one price in the trading platform, but the contract was concluded at another price. Why did it happen?

How does one use trading platform?

Can one open a new trading account?

How to deposit the trading account?

How to withdraw funds from trading account?

I have requested a withdrawal, but the request was cancelled. Why could it happen?

I have sent a withdrawal request. When will I receive the funds to my purse?